Terror Alert Level

My public service-this is the current terror alert level. (Currently Ernie represents flights, Bert is everything else.)

My photo uploads have moved

01/22/08 - The world has caught up to my idea of having a place to post photos for friends and family to see whenever and wherever online. Since these newer sites are designed by people that know way more about web design than me, I'm conceeding. I've signed up for a Flickr page and will be posting everything on there rather than updating this site so please check out our page at Flickr.com from now on. Some pictures are available to see only for those I've listed as friends and family so if you don't have access to them let me know.

I'm thinking of revamping this page at some point to use for my artwork page, but don't know when that will be.

Visit to San Antonio, TX

Republic of Texas Rally, Austin, TX

Mas O' Menos Endurance Fest, near Terlingua, TX

Chris's visit in February

Christmas and New Years

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